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Solar Rescue is Adelaide’s leading resource for maintenance & repairs of solar power, solar hot water & solar pool heating. We hold Plumbing Electrical & Gas fitting trades, to provide South Australian customers with prompt & professional maintenance services.

If you are looking at buying a new property that is fitted with solar power, hot water or pool heating we also offer a convenient pre purchase inspection service for added peace of mind.

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1 .Solar Power

Over 1 million homes in Australia now have a solar power system installed & we are collectively saving many millions of dollars each year on our elec- tricity bills. The aim of Solar Rescue is to ensure that your savings continue for the life of your investment. More.....

2 .Solar Hot Water

If you have a solar hot water system at your commercial or residential premises & you need some help, you’ve found the right place. Solar Rescue has installed & serviced thousands of solar hot water systems throughout South Australia & is well positioned to maintain any type or brand available in Adelaide. More.....

3 .Solar Pool Heating

A pool can be a great investment for Australian homes & adding solar pool heating can increase the time each year that the pool can be used. As with all things solar over time maintenance may be required. At Solar Rescue our team of trained technicians will assist you to keep swimming. More.....